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A few old icons.

Posted these a while ago in hemloki .. x)

All that I request is that you comment, saying which icons [ if any ] you have grabbed for later use, and then, when you use them, credit me in keywords [ broken_trust, if you will ] because I spent quite a bit of time on these [ and yes, I am one of those psychos that will hunt you down, shaking a fork, if you don't credit .. ].

1Thor!  :D 2Mayura-chan.  ^_~ 3English version.  ^^ 4:D  I liked this one as it was. 5I don't like this one all that much ... o_O;
6Cute Loki.  <3 7I *really* like this one.  Reiya!  :D 8'Fenrir and Loki.  <333 9Yamino-san!  Turning into his true form.  :D 10Loki again.  <3
11Awww, cute Loki!  :D 12I love this picture of Loki.  <3 13Adult Loki again.  :D 14Awww.  ::Huggles Loki.:: 15Loki could be king of me.  :D
16Cute Loki!  :D 17Awww.  <3 Loki. 18Loki looks so awesome here.  :D 19Loki and Reiya!  <3 20Loki and Reiya again.  :D
21Heimdall!  <3  My favorite villian.  I will make more of him .. 22Sexy Freyr.  x) 23Mayura!  I had to put her in with &apos;mystery&apos; somehow. 24Loki.  :D 25Freyr.  :D

For the last two, I couldn't think of any words to put on them, so they're just .. there. x) I'll customize, though, if anyone so desires.

More icons, though not entirely all MLR, can be found at my icon journal, broken_icons. :D

Enjoy! <333
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